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Anti-Ageing Medicine


Anti-Ageing Medicine at APM

Anti-Ageing Medicine is a recent speciality area involved with rejuvenation. Unfortunately there has been to date poor regulation of the field with the result that almost anyone is able to portray themselves a specialist.

We are fortunate at Allied Health Performance & Medical Centre to have the services of Dr Hari Bains. Hari has practised medicine for 25 years in the United Kingdom and then Australia. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of General Practitioners and has a Masters degree in Sports and Exercise Medicine (with distinction).


To give a brief background on Anti Ageing Medicine, it is important to go back a hundred years or so and realise the massive gains medical science has made in terms of life expectancy. The average Australian can now expect to live past 80 years and for those who are now aged 60, that age will likely be a lot higher. Most of these startling advances are due to breakthroughs in hygiene, infection control, antibiotics and improved antenatal and perinatal care.


We have probably now reached the phase where little further improvement can occur at this end of the scale. Instead it is at the other end of the spectrum that we believe medical science has some work to do.

Life expectancy may be high but as yet, we have little answer to problems such as neurodegenerative disease eg. Alzheimer’s or Cancer. This is where Anti Ageing Medicine should be targeted.


Dr Bains believes in the merits of an evidenced based approach but is not constrained by this. Too often patients are told that absolutely nothing can be done, where alternative treatments are available. They may not necessarily satisfy rigorous clinical evidence requirements but strong evidence from animal studies is often present and in much of Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese Medicine there is evidence of successful case studies going back many millennia in some cases.

Our priority in Anti Ageing medicine is to rejuvenate your health in the areas of memory, hormonal function, immune status, muscle flexibility and strength. The goal is simple; to enable you to enjoy those advanced years, rather than endure them in a nursing home.


For an individualized management plan, please phone 07 5563 1689 to schedule an appointment with Dr Bains. Treatment usually involves advice on exercise, diet and supplements. Other clinics may sometimes over emphasise the use of certain hormone therapies but this can be hazardous.


Dr Bains does advise the judicious use of supplements such as Reservatrol, PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone), L Carnitine, L Carnosine, Co Enzyme Q10, Vitamin D3, NAC, Curcumin and Omega 3. Other substances such as Caffeine and Green Tea are also often useful, as well as detoxification with for example, Clinoptilolite.


We live in an internet age and information is abundant. Occasionally we get asked why people should see us when they could just as easily order some pills online. The simple answer is do most people who drive a BMW car get the parts online and service it themselves? What do you value more, your car or your own health and well being?

Allied Health Performance & Medical is committed to do all we possibly can to rejuvenate your health.

Services Offered

  • Memory
  • Hormonal Function
  • Immune Status
  • Muscle Flexibility & Strength
  • Supplement advice
  • Diet and Exercise Advice



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